Gann Pivot Indicator

Gann Intraday Pivot
  • The indicator is based on W.D. Gann Methodology and Grid chart system customized for the modern market with a simplistic approach.
  • It is designed for Scalping to Intraday Trading. A complete tool with Customizable Price and Time Support and Resistance level.
  • The indicator shows day trend strength in advance with the start of the day. Indicator plots buy/sell signals on charts (Subject to consider with market price action), also the current trade.
  • Indicator plots Daily and Hourly Pivots. Also, Custom Pivots based with 4 calculating points, from Current day high / Last Day High / Current Day Low / Last Day Low.
  • The indicator also plots time pivots which indicate ideal time for a major trend change in the market. ( Subject to consider with market price action.)
  • Indicator plots Gann Master Grid chart layout for advanced analysis.
  • Best Usage: 1 Minute to 15 Minutes charts, All Instruments
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SFX Intraday Planetary Line Indicator

Space Time Intraday Planetary Line Indicator
  • Indicator plots planetary lines without using any CSV file or any kind of data fetching from 3rd party software or Internet!
  • It has inbuilt astronomical calculation being the first of its kind in the MQL indicator history.
  • Planet Degree might differ from 0.5-1.0 degrees than actual. NASA quality.
  • Indicator plots planetary lines based on Custom-able Planetary Coordinates ( Geocentric | Heliocentric ), Planetary Zodiac Method Tropical | Sidereal (Vedic), scaling for plotting planetary lines for Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Lunar node and South Lunar Node and average of 5 and 8 planets planetary lines. Plots planetary aspect price lines with planets and aspects selection. Also plots Mundane Aspects, Moon Ingress Timing with its Trend strength (Strongest, Stronger, Weak, Continuation, Reversal) Hora lines. All inputs are customizable.
  • Dashboard data shows the daily trend for individual instruments along with effective planet name in Advance. Also the indicator per deg scale. Draws buy/sell signals on the chart with alerts. (Subject to consider with market price actions)
  • Best usage: 1 Minute to 15M chart. (for scalping to day trading)
  • Instruments: All instruments including FX pairs, metals, and indices. Simply adjust the scale accordingly.
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SFX Multi Pair Trend Dashboard Indicator

Multi Pair Trend Dashboard Indicator
  • Indicator show signals for 15 Instruments/ Pairs (custom-able) based on a selected time frame.
  • User can select Maximum 8 indicators according to their choice among 14 available indicators and oscillators with changeable inputs.
  • Indicator Automatically Adjusts its columns and rows based on the user input and can plot multiple Dashboard on the Same chart.
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SFX Risk Reward Indicator

Risk Reward Indicator
  • Shows Risk, Reward and Trailed position monetary value for all active open orders.
  • Here locked profit represents trailed positions.
  • For ECN broker indicator counts order commission into the calculation to show the actual monetary value for a trade.
  • If any order doesn't have any stop loss, then it shows the account free margin in the risk field.
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Trade Duration Indicator

Trade Duration Indicator
  • The indicator shows current active trades (including pending orders) time duration in Minutes, Seconds and Hours.
  • Time duration means how long the order is active in the market, how long the order is running.
  • The indicator shows Trade Lot size, Instrument Symbol, Trading serial number chronologically.
  • Indicator refreshes its data on the chart according to the order activity.
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

How To Get Live NSE Option Quote / Data On Excel

Origin of this idea is taken from here

From the above site, I got the idea of fetching data from the website with ajax format. Then customized myself, it also required some coding. But here I am going to share every steps of its coding.
1st thing, for example you want to see the TCS option price. This is the direct link:
Now in ajax format: 
We will be fetching simple ajax format in our excel workbook.

For doing it here is the VBA code: You need to make a custom made function for it. Open Excel & from developer Tab click on Visual Basic or click Alt+F11.
Now after opening VB right click > Insert > Module.

Open new module page & paste this code:

Public Function GetNSEOptionData(underlying As String, expiry As String, Optiontype As String, Strike As String) URL = "" & underlying & "&instrument=OPTSTK&expiry=" & expiry & "&type=" & Optiontype & "&strike=" & Strike Set xmlHttp = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0") xmlHttp.Open "GET", URL, False xmlHttp.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "text/JSON" xmlHttp.send Debug.Print xmlHttp.responseText GetNSEOptionData = xmlHttp.responseText End Function
That's it now you can call the newly made function to get the option data. For example you have Stock quote at A2, Expiry date at B2, Option Type at C2 & Strike price at D2. Then at E2 write =GetNSEOptionData(A2,B2,C2,D2)

But one important note: Expiry date & Strike should be in same pattern as the url passes to get the data from the web. For example Expiry date is 28th Jan, 2016. You need to change its format to 28JAN2016.
To get the month's last thursday here is the formula:

More tips on getting month's last any day click here

Now to set the date in that format use this formula:

Option Type: CE for European Call option & PE for European Put option

About strike price: If strike price is 2250, then in url it need to pass as "2250.00". So we next to convert numbers into text with following formula.


Now upto here we are all set for fetching the data. 
Next step is adjusting the fetched data.

Data received in following way:
{"valid":"true","isinCode":null,"lastUpdateTime":"22-JAN-2016 15:30:45","ocLink":"\/marketinfo\/sym_map\/symbolMapping.jsp?symbol=TCS&instrument=-&date=-&segmentLink=17&symbolCount=2","tradedDate":"22JAN2016","data":[{"change":"18.10","sellPrice1":"53.00","buyQuantity3":"200","sellPrice2":"58.80","buyQuantity4":"200","buyQuantity1":"1,000","ltp":"-27917.27","buyQuantity2":"200","sellPrice5":"-","sellPrice3":"60.00","buyQuantity5":"200","sellPrice4":"84.30","underlying":"TCS","bestSell":"-27,491.91","annualisedVolatility":"21.35","optionType":"CE","prevClose":"31.90","pChange":"56.74","lastPrice":"50.00","lowPrice":"36.00","strikePrice":"2250.00","premiumTurnover":"10.07","numberOfContractsTraded":"107","underlyingValue":"2,290.00","openInterest":"47,400","impliedVolatility":"18.47","vwap":"47.07","totalBuyQuantity":"28,800","Tata Consultancy Services Limited","eqLink":"\/live_market\/dynaContent\/live_watch\/get_quote\/GetQuote.jsp?symbol=TCS"}
So say you want to get the last price on the column header write in same way as lastPrice
Then use the following formula to search it & find its value.

You can get data for anything you like for example you can search for annualisedVolatility write that on H1 and you can get its data on H2 with above said formula.  

Just shared this to help others. With this method you can also get Currency Option quote. In case of currency option this is the link for data in ajax format.

Now you can follow same process. Just edit the VBA code in case of Currency option you need to select the contract to get the data. That's all.

Here is the VBA Code for Currency Options:
Public Function GetNSECurrencyOptionData(underlying As String, expiry As String, Optiontype As String, Strike As String, CurrentDate As String) URL = "" & underlying & "&instrument=OPTCUR&expiry=" & expiry & "&key=OPTCURUSDINR" & expiry & "CE" & Strike & CurrentDate & "&type=" & Optiontype & "&strike=" & Strike Set xmlHttp = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0") xmlHttp.Open "GET", URL, False xmlHttp.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "text/JSON" xmlHttp.send Debug.Print xmlHttp.responseText GetNSECurrencyOptionData = xmlHttp.responseText End Function

My Option Template NSE Download here [V2 now with Option Greeks]


  1. thanks for nice post but my excel processing too slow

    1. Yes it takes time to load for many scripts..faster processor can help.


  2. It is not working for other nse scripts. why is it so?

    1. If you need other option then in place of TCS you need to put other script code like BHEL etc plus you need add right details for those options like correct strike price which is very obvious.

  3. hi i cant sum up the columns as i have added traded quantity while i try to sum the columns its not working its just counting as numbers can u help me on that

    1. Customizing this template is not advisable for novice excel user.
      In this template some columns are hidden for better viewing.
      Data get stored in the columns as string sometimes converted into numbers when required.That's why summing up the columns is not going to work cause data types are different.

      Between trading quantity is in number so when you sum up obviously it will be counted as numbers. Pretty hard to visualize the problem in this way.


  4. hi thanks for your kind reply, can you help me to get this (fii statistics), in excel daily for my reference

    1. You need to add Fii statistics manually.

  5. Please can you provide code for getting historical FUTURES & OPTIONS data? like for a specific date?
    Thanks :)

    1. It's a good idea for future development. But I don't think it's possible, because historical data from NSE site doesn't shows up in such codable format. Plus you can download the data directly from NSE Site on specific data in .csv format. Which is faster than excel data fetching. Then why invest time in here.



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