Thursday, October 25, 2012

Betonmarket Runbet Quick 10% Strategy

Betonmarket/ Runbet Quick 10% Strategy:

Well, This one is the most lengthy, time consuming earning methods in Betonmarket. I will try to be specific as much as i can. In this method, you have to choose a number between 0-9 which will not be the last digit in 5 ticks of EURUSD or USDJPY. Sounds easy, due to its return on investment ROI, it becomes hard.

I will not say, that its a life saving earning method. No never, but i would like to share my experience and also like to say, that winning here is possible not impossible!

Money Management:
I have calculated that to gain money on your investment, you need to be more than 92% successful! Cause they have 10% return only, minimum bet is $1.
So, if you bet with $1 you will get 0.10cent profit. You need to win 10 times in a row to gain your $1 back. After that what ever you win, that will be your profit in safe side. I hope i'm clear, use common sense.

Suppose you play total 50 times and you loose 10 times, considering fixed bet of $1.

40*0.1 = $4
10*1 = $10
You are in (10-4) = $6 loss!

Another case, where you loose 3 times. it will be,
47*0.10 = $4.7
So net profit = (4.7-3) = $1.7
You can see now you need to win more than 92% of the time of your total bet to gain. So calculate your risk first then profit. I feel increasing bet on this case will not be helpful in fact will be very risky.
By the way, Once i had earned $5 in 1hour, i had 96% winning rate on that day. Don't greed much. With $1 bet $5 profit is standard. Same for $10 bet $50 profit could be the target. Once target achieve get out of it!

Strategy is very simple.Click on the"Last digit Stat", then observe only two set of data, Tick 50 & Tick 25. These two will be enough to take the trade. First check Tick 50 chart and refresh until you found decreasing % of some numbers. Mark the lowest % number, then open Tick 25 chart & observe the marked number % in there. If in 25 tick chart its also decreasing and also reached 0%. That's it, choose that number & trade with it.

Choose those numbers which is in 4% in 50 tick chart & 0% in 25 tick chart for best possible trade.

Now, In Runbet Quick 10% is termed as "Digits" & it is available for Random Indexes. Bet style is "Differ". See picture, there will you will find number ticks & each digits percentage of occurring.
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Best Wishes,

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  1. I am glad to hear it.
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  2. pls i want to know if it is still advisable to trade with this your method

    1. Why don't you try on demo first.

  3. i should known this strategy before now


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