Gann Pivot Indicator

Gann Intraday Pivot
  • The indicator is based on W.D. Gann Methodology and Grid chart system customized for the modern market with a simplistic approach.
  • It is designed for Scalping to Intraday Trading. A complete tool with Customizable Price and Time Support and Resistance level.
  • The indicator shows day trend strength in advance with the start of the day. Indicator plots buy/sell signals on charts (Subject to consider with market price action), also the current trade.
  • Indicator plots Daily and Hourly Pivots. Also, Custom Pivots based with 4 calculating points, from Current day high / Last Day High / Current Day Low / Last Day Low.
  • The indicator also plots time pivots which indicate ideal time for a major trend change in the market. ( Subject to consider with market price action.)
  • Indicator plots Gann Master Grid chart layout for advanced analysis.
  • Best Usage: 1 Minute to 15 Minutes charts, All Instruments
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SFX Intraday Planetary Line Indicator

Space Time Intraday Planetary Line Indicator
  • Indicator plots planetary lines without using any CSV file or any kind of data fetching from 3rd party software or Internet!
  • It has inbuilt astronomical calculation being the first of its kind in the MQL indicator history.
  • Planet Degree might differ from 0.5-1.0 degrees than actual. NASA quality.
  • Indicator plots planetary lines based on Custom-able Planetary Coordinates ( Geocentric | Heliocentric ), Planetary Zodiac Method Tropical | Sidereal (Vedic), scaling for plotting planetary lines for Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Lunar node and South Lunar Node and average of 5 and 8 planets planetary lines. Plots planetary aspect price lines with planets and aspects selection. Also plots Mundane Aspects, Moon Ingress Timing with its Trend strength (Strongest, Stronger, Weak, Continuation, Reversal) Hora lines. All inputs are customizable.
  • Dashboard data shows the daily trend for individual instruments along with effective planet name in Advance. Also the indicator per deg scale. Draws buy/sell signals on the chart with alerts. (Subject to consider with market price actions)
  • Best usage: 1 Minute to 15M chart. (for scalping to day trading)
  • Instruments: All instruments including FX pairs, metals, and indices. Simply adjust the scale accordingly.
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SFX Multi Pair Trend Dashboard Indicator

Multi Pair Trend Dashboard Indicator
  • Indicator show signals for 15 Instruments/ Pairs (custom-able) based on a selected time frame.
  • User can select Maximum 8 indicators according to their choice among 14 available indicators and oscillators with changeable inputs.
  • Indicator Automatically Adjusts its columns and rows based on the user input and can plot multiple Dashboard on the Same chart.
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SFX Risk Reward Indicator

Risk Reward Indicator
  • Shows Risk, Reward and Trailed position monetary value for all active open orders.
  • Here locked profit represents trailed positions.
  • For ECN broker indicator counts order commission into the calculation to show the actual monetary value for a trade.
  • If any order doesn't have any stop loss, then it shows the account free margin in the risk field.
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Trade Duration Indicator

Trade Duration Indicator
  • The indicator shows current active trades (including pending orders) time duration in Minutes, Seconds and Hours.
  • Time duration means how long the order is active in the market, how long the order is running.
  • The indicator shows Trade Lot size, Instrument Symbol, Trading serial number chronologically.
  • Indicator refreshes its data on the chart according to the order activity.
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Binary Betonmarket Lucky 10 Digit Winning Strategy

What is Lucky 10 Digit or Digit Match Trading in Binary Option?
Trader needs to pick any instrument (mostly the volatility Index) then need to choose any number between 0-9 for instrument last digit prediction. There are two types of options either your prediction matches or it differs.

  • Matches provides 800% Returns on your investments.
  • Differs provides 10% returns on your investments. Means if you choose 6 for differ type of trade, that means you are betting that if last digit does not come 6, then you will receive 10%.

This is basically the gambling section. I don't consider it as real trading neither recommend it. But still for fun money you can try it!

In order to start trading Lucky 10 Digits find it in "Start Trading" > "Random" > "Digits" >"Matches"

lucky 10 digit wining strategy

Main Indicator to use with this type of trading is the Last Digit Stats
In this section, you can select number of ticks for getting the statistical data of 0-9 numbers.
It will show many times those number occurred as last digit with that selected tick period.

Strategy for Digit Matching:
For Trading Matches, you need pick those number which occurred maximum time on last 25 ticks & also in last 100 ticks. 

For example if for 25 ticks 0 came out 12% and for 100 ticks 15%. Then you have 12-15% chances to win the digit matching trade with "0". You need to your money management based on that. 

Strategy for Digit Differs:
This is exactly the opposite of what digit matching does & also it has highest probability of winning but lower return.

Just think reversal, if you pick 0 from previous example, then chance of occurring 0 is is only 12-15%, that means if you pick 0 for digit differ, you will have 85% chances to win.  In case I will prefer to check the stat for 1000 ticks also. 

Money Management:
This is the tricky part. For Digit matching with 15% winning rate & 800% return, you if you bet with 0.50 cent 10 times, that means you will lose $4.5 total & earn $4 on one wining rate. 
That means you will lose 0.50 cent anyway even after 10 trades with 90% wining rate. If you become lucky & win 2 times out of 10. Then you will earn $4 after 10 trades.

For Digit differ, if you win 90% of the time for 10 trades with 0.50 cent per trad bet, then you will earn 0.45 cent. & for one losing trade you will lose 0.50 cent, net income negative.

But if you are lucky enough to make 10 out of 10 wining trades, then you will earn 0.50 cent out of it. Being very honest here. 

One Common Rule for Gambling: Never trade too much, if you trade 3 times and earned 10% total 30% on your investment. That's it stop trading, try next day.
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  1. Hello, i really appreciate ur blog.
    Pls help me, i need the free $20 bonus, when i clicked on the link u posted above, it took me to:

    Pls guide me accordingly.
    Thanks. John

    1. Join/Signup through the landing page. Bonus will be added automatically after sign up.

  2. best wishes, sorry to get a bonus of $ 20 if there are conditions,?,, whether there are provisions witdhrawal too? .. thanks regards profit

    1. Hello,
      No there is no conditions for withdrawing profit from your no deposit bonus.Even if you have $5 profit, you can withdraw it.

      Thank you

  3. please is there any software for ticks trade or any other trading software for BOM not talking about ultra scalpers and the likes..thanks

    1. Hello,
      Tick trades done within very short period of time. More a like gambling, I don't think there will be any reasonable & useful software available.

      If you want to trade plain binary option trade apart from tick trades then you can use regular indicator to trade rise/fall with better accuracy.


    2. hello
      i read your blog and its very nice .i am trading both in forex and random indices.for random indices i prefer higher and lower with 4hr time expiry,i use binary for forex especially on data time and i use touch option here.For tick trading if you program an imacro for ichimokou or if you program only tenkansen and kijunsen cross its very usefull for tick trading.
      For digit match there are some patterns in which digit is repeated in 3x or 5x shoot ,choose LDP and hold it till you win.for this use imacro of DM ,Later i post this if you allow me to post

    3. I replied on this query in 2013. Now there is platform for tick charts, use Ctrader with fxpro or any broker just open a demo account & use it. Ctrader provides 1 tick to 26 tick charts.

      At Devil,
      Thank for your comment. Ichimoku Idea is good you can add this indicator with Ctrader with tick chart..Although I am glad that you found patterns :)

      If you want to post on our blog site & share your strategy, then please contact me at the contact page. We will post your strategy as Guest Writer with your details.


  4. Just joined through your link but I didn't got my free bonus credited in my account..

  5. Have u made any contact with the customer care? If not then, please
    ask them for the free bonus. They also provide a free ebook for the real customers.


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